Hi Guys, So for those of you who don't know me, my name is Sam Wall and I guess you could say I create Art within the hair industry, well I try anyway ha. You can read more about my background on the "ABOUT" page above.

For those that are close to me and do know me then you already know I'm slightly, well, unique shall we say although I'm sure they would use other words. Ha!

Some may call this blogging, I'm not sure what to call it, my running commentary, my story..... I simply see this as an opportunity to share with you all, just how my brain ticks. I will be writing about everything from my inspiration to my experiences as well as behind the scene action and day to day challenges we face in and out of the hairdressing world. The aim of this is not only to try and help others (if it can) but also to try something different from my point of view. I simply want to explore and learn as much as I possibly can from this experience. With saying this, these write ups are filled with nothing but love. So It will not matter to me how big my audience is reading this and it will most certainly not phase me if people dislike or, for whatever reason, feel negative towards what I have to say. Negativity is certainly something I just cant spend any time on. However if this helps at least 1 person then that would please me….. If it doesn't I'll certainly keep trying :-) So Happy Reading!

I going to jump straight in and start by talking about learning. Its a massive subject in my mind and the learning process starts as soon as we are born. It is amazing how powerful our brain is, and the knowledge we pick up without realising is incredible even from a young age. Everyone learns differently but for me I am certainly a people watcher which I have found to be a very important factor throughout my life. With realising this, I try to learn something from every situation that I find myself in and this goes for observing people in situations that I am not involved in as well. For me personally learning from people that I feel are further developed then myself is a must (I don't like to say better as no-one is better then anyone!!) but there are certainly people out there who have a lot more life experience then myself, a lot more wisdom then myself and who are just a lot more knowledgable as a whole. So for me, by surrounding myself with ambitious, driven and positive people I have always been able to feed of their energy levels and learn a lot. This doesn't just go for people within the hair industry, it goes for anyone with any background that I have had the privilege to spend time with whether it be 1 week or 15 years. It is however also very important to be wrapped around all types of different people in our lifetime as I know we can also learn anything from anyone and dare I say it..... even "what not to do".

Every situation I'm in I try to become a sponge. I try to absorb and process as much information as I possibly can from everyone and everything around me, no matter how good or bad the situation is. Once I have gathered even the smallest bit of information, from any situation, then I will look and see how I can adapt that to my own personality and lifestyle and try to make a change for the better.

We can learn from anything, anyone and at any given time. We just have to be willing and accepting to allow this to happen. One thing I have learnt which didn't come easy when I was younger, is thats its ok to say "I don't know....."

I want to end on the fact that I recently had a loss in the family and I'm sure there are a lot of people that can relate to this when I say it completely changes your perception on life itself. Recently this has been a massive learning curve from my point of view and although its difficult you always have to see the positive, regardless of the situation. Sometimes in life the negative simply out weighs the positive, however I feel that finding “the positive” is the key to learning and growing as a person. This thought process has most certainly helped when I have found myself in difficult situations.

There is always a positive in any situation, we just have to dig deep and find it. Once we have found the positive (which at times is the most difficult part) we then need to learn how to use it to help us develop as an individual. This is how I learn and I will never stop hunting for that positive even if at times I feel its impossible - Nothing is impossible.



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