Hi Ladies and Gents, so I hope you all enjoyed my first read. I want to expand a little on my first piece and talk about how I continue to learn whilst trying to enjoy the process. Easier said then done I may add.

The Process is what I believe to be the most important aspect of life and I feel a large percentage of the population (including myself at times) forget to allow “The Process” to happen and enjoy it. At times the process can even be a pain in the f***ing backside ha! Everything we do there is a process, everyday we complete a process and some may not even realise that we do this. Let me give you a very simple example…….

So in the morning I have a routine, from waking up to my alarm, snoozing that dreadful noise 3 times to jumping in the shower whilst putting some music on in the background. After this I get ready and head down for breakfast. Now how many of us eat breakfast whilst running around the house finishing getting ready for the day ahead? I know I use to have breakfast WHILST getting ready. I would have a mouthful whilst writing my morning Instagram post, then have another mouthful and dry my hair, then a few more mouthfuls whilst getting dressed, which I may add includes putting my odd socks on (random fact - I always wear odd socks) and so on and so forth….. The problem with this is that we are concentrating on more then one thing at a time (as a man this is difficult enough) but because of this that breakfast would take me 30 mins to eat as I’m trying to multi task. The question I asked to myself was, am I enjoying this process??? For me the answer was no as I saw eating breakfast as a necessity instead of appreciating how good the food in front of me tasted - some ppl haven't even got the luxury of having breakfast so why should we take it for granted.

So after realising that my morning process of getting ready could be better I decided to change things around and experiment by simply sitting down and eating breakfast AFTER I finish getting ready with music as my only other distraction on in the background. NO phone, NO Facebook or Instagram, just me, my thoughts and my food. I quickly came to the realisation that not only did I enjoy and appreciate my breakfast so much more but breakfast took me 10 minutes to eat rather then 30 minutes, and this small change helped my day start smoothly. (I do also understand that I am in a position with no children so to the parents out there, this simple process might be a lot more difficult then for myself, I just look at my Incredible sisters, I mean I love my Nieces and Nephews but how they manage is beyond me haha). Again this is a small process but it was the most significant one for myself as I realised that if I could enjoy the smaller things in life, then why cant I adapt this and learn to enjoy EVERY process, even the ones I find a chore. If we cant change some of our day to day processes for whatever reason, why not learn to enjoy them as we still have to complete them. concentrating on the process rather then the end goal is not easy. However, If we as a whole can learn to enjoy the processes of our day to day tasks and live in the present then the appreciation towards what we have becomes so much more fulfilling then chasing the things we don't have.

Learn to LOVE THE PROCESS and Live In The Present - “Its a State of Mind”

I absolutely love working in the hairdressing industry, mainly because I meet so many different types of people standing behind my chair. However the most rewarding factor for me is that I have the opportunity to learn from every single person that sits in that chair by picking their brains for that 30 minute appointment. With saying this, one of my clients (who I would now class a friend) once said to me…… “ The greatest reward one gets after hard work is not the money, but whom they become in the process”.

Mr Sam Wall


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