Enjoy the ride!!

I just want to take a moment to Thank each and everyone of you who have taken the time out to read “The Man Behind The Wall” and for all the wonderful feedback that I have received.

Its funny how we look for a good response from others to build our confidence when we doubt ourselves…. This weeks question I ask myself, is how many of us do not follow through on something we want to do because of the fear of “getting it wrong”…..

For example, when I decided to start “The Man Behind The Wall” I was certainly nervous and a bit fearful of how it would be received to say the least. So what was my first reaction?

Before anything was set in stone I reached out and spoke to a friend of mine whom had more knowledge in this area then myself (Mary Forester you are a diamond). That little bit of confidence from another peer helped me to start documenting my journey…. Would I still of done this hadn't I spoke to Mary? Of course I would of yes but it sure would of took me a lot longer to build up the courage.

Its natural to have that fear of “What others think” and it is the most damaging fear I have if you ask me. Why do I care so much about other peoples thoughts and opinions - well I believe its human nature and it is most defiantly installed in me to care. I know I am a people pleaser and I believe one of my purposes in life was to be put on this planet to help as many people as I can. However this can also have a backlash feeling from the fear of “getting it wrong” or being “judged” and that fear can over power my actions and has even prevented me from doing things I really wanted to do in the past.

For me I have had to work hard on my state of mind to push through that fear and I guess you can say I am lucky that I am now in a position where that fear is getting less and less. But jeeeezzzzzzeeeee it does not come easy to me. So how have I decreased that fear factor….?

I think some of the attitude I have now has naturally come with experience but also at an age of 29 I have been working on my own state of mind for years which has certainly helped me progress. I have had to learn the hard way, make mistakes and over time use my experiences both good and bad to help decrease my fear factor and approach the “F*** it attitude”. Ha! Now this attitude can also become dangerous and I as a person am so aware not to let that attitude get the better of me.

Over the years, I have realised that for MY OWN state of mind it is VERY VERY important to have the F*** it attitude. However it is just as important that I use this mind set for me, myself and I ONLY!

Lets face it, my actions no matter how big or small affect others…. So I try to approach this attitude which allows me to do what I want and what I feel is right but also with the consideration of those whom my actions might affect.

“I would rather sink and lose everything, then sacrifice my morals and drown others”

Do I still have that fear? Of course, I always will have fear, its my criptonoight for sure. But there is only one way I have conquered the fears in front of me and that is head on which has not been, and never will be easy.

My rule is one day at a time and ENJOY THE RIDE!!

Mr Sam Wall


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