So its that time of week where I scribble some thoughts down…..

Lately I’ve been taking up a lot of time in the pool and training more and more. I’ve been really enjoying exploring the City of Newcastle and playing around with some photography and just having fun with each day as it comes. Everyone should have “ME” time, maybe I enjoy my own company waaayyyyyy too much at times, ha! But its not always been that way…..

For me when I'm in that pool, every breath I take under water is pure bliss. The only thing that matters to me at that moment in time is getting my breathing right. With each breath I take I can hear the shattered noise around me for a spit second, then when I disperse back under, all I hear is the echo of the world above the water. That echo rings through my head as a massive blur…. That moment, that blur, allows me to completely shut off and focus solely on the job in hand!

After many years I completely forgot just what swimming does for me, I forgot that feeling of being lost under water, being free of thought and having no choice but to just concentrate on getting that breathe timed to perfection. Once again this got my thought process working overtime…..

In my previous blogs I stated just how important it is to learn from others and every situation. However I honestly find it amazing how the lack of thought by isolating myself can actually help trigger bigger and better thought processes. So for me, that “ME” time is and always will be an essential part of my life.

I have always had a super ambitious, excitable and driven personality which I have always struggled to control fully and because of this I allowed myself to create a huge pressure on my shoulders. That pressure I do believe most guys and girls feel in life and its not a bad thing as we always strive for more. However for myself that pressure in my head made me blind at times and no matter what I did, nothing was ever good enough. I constantly wanted to achieve more, I wasn't appreciating the rate I was growing within the industry and even as an individual. All of a sudden, under that water, instinct takes over, pressures are released, and by taking each breath as it comes, surrounding my thoughts with just a blur allowed something to click. It allowed me to learn one essential thing…… a very valuable trait that I have always struggled to implement - PATIENCE!

Now when I find myself setting those goals and allowing my over excitable personality to get carried away and beat myself up for thinking “SH*T…. I am not where I want to be”, then I refer back to that moment under water. I am slowly but surly managing to train my brain to relate to that moment like a reflex so eventually my thought process ends up along the lines of......

“It’s ok Sam, Patience, Take it step by step. Focus on day by day and the rest will follow”.

Sometimes it fails as complacency can creep in from nowhere and my old mind set can kick back in, but I know with persistence and hard work then that patience will come more naturally - One step at a time though aye!

For me, it is really important to work on the mind, to learn patience, to take step by step, and to enjoy the process of living day by day. It certainly helps create a happier, less worried Samuel and has created a Samuel that has started to really appreciate the present - Lets face it, Im breathing and thats all that really matters….. Now I also understand others out there do have pressures that I have yet to experience but with putting this new way of thinking into practice at the age of 29 should (i hope) help me to deal with those bigger pressures that will come in the near future.

Swimming is not everyones cup of tea but it most certainly works for me.

Mr Sam Wall


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