"Slow Down"

Well, hello world once again - This has been my first blog in a few weeks as I have been pretty hectic to say the least.

As most of you know I have started a new chapter at Hidden Heights Creative Studio and it has been an exciting yet challenging time. In this article I want to talk about new challenges and how I personally deal with them.

The last 3 years in Newcastle have been a whirl wind to say the least and I have constantly felt under pressure from choices and decisions I've had to make. I have had so many changes to face not only in my career but on a personal level as well. I know I'm not alone in this and many people go through these experiences but Its safe to say I have certainly been living in the fast lane for the last 3 years. Trying to adapt to any change or any new challenge can be difficult no matter how exciting it is.

First of all when I have to make big decisions or change something I always seem to do so by following my gut feeling. I’ve been pretty lucky so far that my gut feeling has never let me down.

I once got told that when we sense our gut feeling we only have 2 days to act on it before our brain takes over and the over thinking kicks in (not sure how true this is but for me it makes sense). It is very hard to act on instinct or that “gut feeling” as it can seem a very spontaneous act. I know my family think I’m mental as I tend to act very quick once I have made my mind up. This is due to the fact I strongly believe that if we need to change something then why wait? If we are unhappy then why not change that something?

When it comes to myself, I do have a tendency to bite the bullet and make a change and act quick. This might seem easy or care free to the outside world looking in, and even I feel its a tad spontaneous and crazy at times but it certainly isn't as easy as it may look. It does take me time to adapt as it does with any change and it can be very difficult at times however I’ve learnt to handle change better and better with each experience.

I have learnt to handle adapting to change a lot better over the years as you do with experience but I also honestly feel for me, that if I'm not changing or challenging myself then I am simply not moving forward. Although when we are constantly changing or pushing ourselves as I have done the last 3 years then we end up living in that fast lane and it can get intense at times. So this time I questioned my previous experiences and tried to allow myself to adapt naturally by slowing down my thought process and day to day lifestyle. With this latest new venture I have really focused on staying in the slow lane. I have eased myself into my new lifestyle and slowed my pace right down.

The slow lane has allowed me to enjoy living my life on a personal level as well. Slowing everything down has helped me start to set up my foundations and allowed me to start getting the most important things in place first.... Once the main foundations are in place and they are exactly how I want them, then I know that the shift to the fast lane will happen again but with more structure and clearer vision resulting in what will feel like a less erratic lifestyle. The slow lane is important for myself at this moment in time as it is allowing me to get things just right and see things a lot clearer which will prevent doing anything for the sake of it, or doing something that has no value to your end goals. I still have a long way to go as well but I look forward to what lays ahead.

Now with the slow lane in action it has taught me one valuable thing and that is to not always act completely on impulse and although I still follow my “gut feeling” I allow myself time to adapt or think about any situation logically rather then emotionally…… this still takes practice and I have to work on this mind set on a daily basis but it certainly is helping. Life is short but slowing down at times for me hasn't been a bad thing.

Mr Sam Wall


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