So I’ve lost my little beaut for 8 weeks, and I'm already missing her for one simple reason......... Because what she offers me is appreciation every time I take her for a drive, Let me explain:

People are quick to Judge, Resent and worse yet Hate on others who they see as “Flashy”, “Materialistic”, “Arrogant” or just a “Dick” for enjoying their dreams. Whether it be any dream, a dream house, a dream holiday, eating in a dream restaurant or in my case a dream car.

Achieving these dreams doesn’t make us successful, and are not seen as essential or necessary but are a bonus for our efforts in life, rewards for fighting hard. We don’t need them to survive but dreams play such an important roll in our lives.

Dreams are amazing, every person will dream of something different and when an individual achieves their dream they should feel euphoria. It’s like going to the gym, it makes you feel good. Every time I get in my dream car it’s a switch off, I get a instant smile on my face, it makes me feel proud and driving her has become my safe place. It’s probably the main time I just switch off and get lost in the experience and the feeling of the drive. I have no thoughts other then enjoying the buzz. No other car has ever had that affect on me. I didn’t even realise the affect that achieving dreams would have on me as such a young boy. I dreamt of many things when I was young and some even said I lived in a dream world, and I did, I still do but dreams are a driver!

I’m making my dreams reality and have fought hard to make them come true. You get a hunger once you realise you can achieve anything and taste that feeling of achieving a dream. No dream is too big!

When I was 16 I met my best mate and family friend who was older then myself and had a 911. From the age of 16 every time we got out his car the looks, resentment, jealousy I experienced was madness, it wasn’t even my car and I still felt it. At that moment in time I couldn’t understand it, my thought process has always been “IM GOING TO HAVE ONE OF THEM” or “IM GOING TO GET THAT”. Not once and never will it be “I WISH I HAD ONE OF THEM”

Dreams can become reality, wishes are for genie’s. Don’t judge, don’t hate, don’t resent because what we never know is just what gives other individuals that feeling of euphoria. And every single person deserves to enjoy or experience that feeling no matter what dream it is they have.

Find inspiration from everyone especially those that are different from ourselves and help encourage everyone’s dream!



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